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Who is Alex D

Short Description of myself

I am AlexD also known as Alexandru Dinulescu and I am a front-end developer from Romania. In layman's terms this means I am proeficient in all things that appear and work on the screen. I have been doing this for the last 5 years so I have seen most and been through various situations and encountered almost all the quirks posibile, back when IE6 was king of the internets and all the other browsers had a combined 10-15% markets share.

I verify, comment, and check my code and ensure that the code works in the latest browsers on the market as well as 2 versions behind the current version. For Example right now, I offer support for IE10, IE9, IE8 (with graceful degradation on such things such as rounded courses and other CSS 3.0 properties) these are done with the TRIDENT ENGINE, Firefox (GECKO), Chrome and Safari (WEBKIT) as well as others that are based on these engines.

As personal qualities if I may say so I am a hard but smart-working person who gets things done, on time and and on budget (disclaimer: the deadline and budget must be realistic).

I also have to mention that I fully respect Copyright and Copyright Laws. All the projects posted on this website have gotten the agrement from their respective clients.


Nuff Said!

Linkedin Endorsements

Endorsements from linkedin

Currently Linkedin does not allow users to access their endorsements through their own API so here are my current endorsements

10jQuery8XHTML6CSS5JavaScript5HTML 53PSD2AJAX2HTML2Web Services2Web Applications1HTML emails1Web Development1PSD TO XHTML1PSD TO HTML 51XML



  • General Knowledge that I know or I am familiar with
    • Responsive Design - Code that molds on each display size (based on flexible grid)
    • - 960 Grid Frameworks ( based on
    • LESS - The dynamic stylesheet language
    • SASS and SCSS - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets
    • jQuery Mobile - jQuery interaction for mobile
    • Photoshop Skills - For Slicing and creating of minor elements such as buttons, etc
    • Sticky Footer - Keep that footer at the bottom
    • Various jQuery Plugins - A large collection of jQuery plugins
  • Structure - content structure
    • HTML 5 - Latest thing on the internet
    • XML - Lightweight data structure when you dont need a database
    • XHTML - The previous structure, based on XML, along with it's strict, transitional and frameset types
    • HTML 4.1 - The old system before XHTML.
    • DHTML - HTML with plain javascript for interactions
  • Presentation - beautify the above content structure
    • CSS 3.0 - CSS 2.1 along with all the goodies that previously were done via Javascript.
    • CSS 2.1 - CSS 2.1 was the standard for a good few years. Now it has been superseeded by CSS 3.0.
    • CSS 2.0 - CSS 2.0 specifications are O.L.D.
  • Interactivity - making the things animate or interact
    • jQuery - One of the best, largest and best supported in terms of plugins JavaScript library
    • AJAX - Best thing since sliced bread. (based on jQuery framework)
    • Javascript 1.3 - what jQuery is based on.

Expert Rating® Certifications

Internationally Recognized Certifications

HTML 4.01 Test [ Link ]

54 out of 91482Top 0.05%

CSS 2.0 Test [ Link ]

525 out of 44716Top 1.17%

HTML 5 Test [ Link ]

52 out of 2658Top 1.95%

CSS 3.0 Test [ Link ]

493 out of 12767Top 3.86%

Javascript 1.3 Test [ Link ]

952 out of 16186Top 5.88%

XHTML 1.0 Test [ Link ]

978 out of 20458Top 4.78%

jQuery 1.3.2 Skills Test [ Link ]

1919 out of 8184Top 23.44%

U.S. English Basic Skills Test [ Link ]

127148 out of 543136Top 23.40%

English Spelling Test (U.S. Version) [ Link ]

107754 out of 363619Top 29.63%

LinkedIn Recommandations

Recommandations from LinkedIn connections that have endorsed me

From: Dave Crusoe
Co-Founder at Public Learning Media Laboratory

Alex is an exceedingly honest, trustworthy and personable individual, which, when coupled with his incredible skill at xhtml/css, is a perfect combination.

As others have said, he is always immediately responsive to challenges and is great at figuring things through - another perfect combination.

From: Robin Graham
VFX Supervisor at Crafty Apes LLC

Alexandru is amazing to work with. He gets the work done on time and he is always open to feedback. I have never worked with anyone else that has the same amount of knowledge when it comes to html/css and cross browser compatibility. At any time of the day I can go to Alexandru with a problem and he will help me fix it quickly and easily. I would recommend him %100.

I only wish everyone I worked with was as professional :)

From: David Saraiva
CFO at Lifeline Design, AbleBroker

Not only is Alex extremely skilled at what he does, but he's an absolute delight to work with. With software / coding, there are always minor bugs or issues and often times the client specifications will change slightly from where they were at when a project begins.

Alex handles these changes in stride and completes them promptly and correctly without complaint.

I couldn't write an endorsement of Alex that was too positive!

From: Adrian Sandu
Front End Developer, looking for a position in the city of Dublin, Ireland

I have worked with Alex for a short while. He's very passionate about the things he likes to do and he's always eager to learn new things. While I do not have a proper impression of his current skills, the enthusiasm and dedication he's putting in his work make me confident to say he is and will be a great choice as a professional.