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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you be contacted?

Please use the contact form from my Contact Page. Alternatively you can reach me by email at In most cases I reply within 24hours.

What is your professional skill-set

  • Structure - content structure
    • HTML 5
    • XML
    • XHTML
    • HTML 4.1
    • DHTML
  • Presentation - beautify the above content structure
    • CSS 3.0
    • CSS 2.1
    • CSS 2.0
  • Interactivity - making the things animate or interact
    • jQuery
    • Ajax
    • Javascript 1.8
    • Javascript 1.3

Workhours, Scheduling and Deadlines

I normally tend to work around 8 hours a day, as this is my fulltime gig. Please consult me for scheduling related matters. In case a project has to be done ASAP, I am open to working a few more hours per day, however I expect those extra hours to be compensated extra as its a lot more extra workload. I never missed a deadline so far but we should try and keep the schedule realistic. I cant promise the moon and deliver, (would be nice if I could, but for these you can ask some indian contractors who promise everything and then fail to deliver)

Why should you work with me?

The question to rule all questions. Why should you work with me. Well if my profile and skillset, testimonials and Portfolio cannot convince you to work with me then think of this.

I offer high quality services, at an affortable price, with my expertise and experience in this field, that I have accumulated for the past 5+ years. It's quite easy to try to find the lowest rate and work with someone in India or China or Pakistan, however, programming is like every other job. If you pay someone 2$/hour to work in a sweet shop, you'll more likely get something in return based on that price.

I have talked with lots of clients about their experience with offshore-ing to India or China and the answers I got ranged from "I lost a huge load of money because what they did was soo much crap that not only I had to redo the project, but also the deadline was passed more than once" to "Worst Experience, ever, I'd rather pay someone a good wage and have high quality services, it's a lot safer".

By working with me you do not have to worry about any of these issues. You do not have to worry about missing the deadline, you dont have to worry about the project not being according to specifications.

Bottom line is this, I offer affortable rates for some KickAss Coding.

What is your Hourly Rate?

My Hourly rate is currently $17.99/Hour. We can work with this number depending on my schedule, your demands, the project itself. Payment is done via Payoneer and for very small projects PayPal. I only offer these 2 methods right now so please see if you comfortable with these 2. I can also work through my Odesk account if you so please.

LinkedIn Recommandations

From: Dave Crusoe
Co-Founder at Public Learning Media Laboratory

Alex is an exceedingly honest, trustworthy and personable individual, which, when coupled with his incredible skill at xhtml/css, is a perfect combination.

As others have said, he is always immediately responsive to challenges and is great at figuring things through - another perfect combination.

From: Robin Graham
VFX Supervisor at Crafty Apes LLC

Alexandru is amazing to work with. He gets the work done on time and he is always open to feedback. I have never worked with anyone else that has the same amount of knowledge when it comes to html/css and cross browser compatibility. At any time of the day I can go to Alexandru with a problem and he will help me fix it quickly and easily. I would recommend him %100.

I only wish everyone I worked with was as professional :)

From: David Saraiva
CFO at Lifeline Design, AbleBroker

Not only is Alex extremely skilled at what he does, but he's an absolute delight to work with. With software / coding, there are always minor bugs or issues and often times the client specifications will change slightly from where they were at when a project begins.

Alex handles these changes in stride and completes them promptly and correctly without complaint.

I couldn't write an endorsement of Alex that was too positive!

From: Adrian Sandu
Front End Developer, looking for a position in the city of Dublin, Ireland

I have worked with Alex for a short while. He's very passionate about the things he likes to do and he's always eager to learn new things. While I do not have a proper impression of his current skills, the enthusiasm and dedication he's putting in his work make me confident to say he is and will be a great choice as a professional.