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Project Description

A small website specifically built from the ground up for any sort of CMS systems. Its modular in nature and thus easily integrated into any popular CMS platforms such as Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla/Etc.

The website is responsive and built on the popular grid system Unsemantic which is the fluid system from the maker of which was another very popular fixed width grid framework.

Alongside the HTML 5 and the CSS 3.0 code I have also added and built custom javascript files and interactions as well as plugin interractions based on jQuery javascript library.

The website is also compatible with all versions of browsers that had a significant marketshare at the time when the project was completed. So this website is compatbile with IE8 / IE9 / FF / Chrome

I did the templates for the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • Page without a sidebar
  • Page with a sidebar

Project Highlights

  • Accurate representation of the provided design
  • Uses latest HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 technology
  • Based on Unsemantic Fluid Grid System
  • Superfish powered dropdowns
  • Uses Modernizr jQuery plugin
  • Custon fonts insertion via @font-face
  • Compatibility with IE8/IE9/Firefox/Chrome and other latest browsers